Freitag, 13. September 2013

Austrian Soccer and Human Sacrifices

Viernes 13/09/2013
Casa de los 12, Guadalajara

Hello world! Hello my dear Readers!

I am back again and I feel really sorry for the delay. Two weeks passed - amazingly fast - and a really important - probably the most important weekend for Mexicans - is waiting for us. Fiesta de la Independencia - the Mexican Independence Day on the 16th of September - is the day for Mexicans to celebrate their Country - with a lot of friends, music, fireworks and Tequila. But I will tell you about this later.

So what was happening the last two weeks? I realized that I should take care about my cash balance a bit more, or I would be forced to go back home already in November. Therefore I wanted to save some money and stayed in Guadalajara. In addition to this, the studying part of my exchange Semester revealed to be more effort than I thought in the beginning. 5 essays, 2 exams and 1 presentation in a week reminded me of good old times back in Krems. But after 6 weeks I already inherited some Kind of mexican work attitude. To describe this attitude you only need one word: "mañana, mañana". Everything has time till tomorrow.
I also realized that myself, normally quiet organised and ambitious, I am currently not bothering really much about the work and exams. This does not mean that I dont make homeworks and do not study at all, but just take it more easy. It is just the Mexican way of life and as I want to learn this culture, I am adopting of course. When I get my exams back I can tell you how successful my new attitude is;-)

There was also one really nice trip in These two weeks. In "History of Mexico" we went to Guachimontones with our beloved Professor José. It is one of the oldest excavations here in Mexico of the early Indio - pre-aztec times (no one really knows which culture it belongs to - they just named it after the Location "Teuchitlan Tradition").
The pyramides actually used to be places for human sacrifices. These cultures thought that they have to sacrifice human blood for the loss of blood of their gods. If you want to have some impressions about this - my movie Suggestion of the week: Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" (it is about Mayas, but actually the human sacrifices are the same) 

The rest was "Business as usual" - University - studying - meeting friends. It is really amazing how easy you get to know people here and how my "connections" are growing from week to week. I really like it that the UP is also a quiet small University (around 2000 students I think). It is like in Krems - I already feel at home;-)

One important Event was the Soccer match between Austria and Germany. In the end it was a crushing defeat...and especially for me as I was the only Austrian under a group of Germans. (for everyone who is not into soccer - Austria lost 0 : 3) But it was nice to watch such a game at 1 in the afternoon;-)

going home from University;-)
In the end some daily impressions of Guadalajara;-)

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