Sonntag, 1. September 2013

Salsa Picante

Domingo 01/09/2013
Casa de los 12, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Hola! Como están?
I hope everything's okay out there. This week was themed "reconnect yourself".
Why reconnect? Because the last weeks I felt kind of isolated in my mexican world, as I had not got any news about what is going on in this world. As I don't like the feeling to miss something I gave myself an appropriate dose of media to - as I said - "reconnect". Actually news are most of the time not amusing, but one should nevertheless stay informed.

But back to Mexico.
New experiences again. Like my first exam at a mexican University. In the end I can say that the 20 minutes learning effort was again perfectly dosed. Actually, it is not really difficult here, as for I know so far. Although my classes here are 7th or 9th semester classes, there are a lot of things, which are usual stuff for us Austrians and the theoretical parts are kept to a minimum. Furthermore, you can always play the "Exchange-Joker" if needed.
Nevertheless, I have the feeling that I can really learn a lot of things here, like in my classes of "Negotiation Strategies", which we do not have in Krems and which is actually a really interesting and also practical course.

On Tuesday we went with José, our Spanish Profe, to a market next to the University. It was a really small, but really nice market and we got some really good food there. I went for some Chiles Rellenos and I can tell you that it was one of the best meals I have had in Mexico up to now.

But it was not the only culinary highlight this week. The second one followed directly on the next day, when we got invited to Fabiola's Place for some Pozole (Kind of Mexican Soup with Meat, Corn, Vegetables).
It was really a nice evening and the dinner was just awesome. Thanks again to Fabiola and her Family!


You get the soup like you can see on the Picture and the you put the lettuce and vegetables you like in it...and of course some Salsa Picante (I get addicted to it;-) )...and Tortillas;-)

For the weekend I stayed in Guadalajara, where you also have simply too much possibilities to do. Home Party with exchangees, Mexican Fiesta in the Guadalajara City Center, Barbecue with old and new mexican friends and a Salsa Night with some Mexicans you know for one hour...what do you want more;-)?
Yeah - maybe a lazy Sunday - that's what I had today;-)

But tomorrow again University - Week 5 - here we go!

Impression from my spanish class:


Hasta Luego!

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