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Boca de Iguanas

Domingo 26/08/2013
Mi Cama

In favor of the non-german readers of this Blog I have decided to continue this in english to be more universal;-)

This Weekend I got some deeper insight about the Mexican Sun. As I like the sun and consider it as one of my best friends (although we sometimes have our problems concerning possible sunburns or simply too high temperature like more than 38°C) I thought how it's gonna be in Mexico - is it different?
As you also might have thought - No. It is the same sun. She brings daylight, energy and high temperatures. In Mexico it is simply more and you see the sun more often.
I conclude my analysis with a simple comparison:

Austrian Sun

Mexican Sun
You see....not the sun is different, but the place, where you can enjoy it;-)
And therefore, I went to Boca de Iguanas on the Weekend.

Boca de Iguanas turned out to be a huge Camping Beach Festival under the palmtrees - under a forest of palmtrees to be exactly.
There were around 1000 students from all over Mexico - from D.F., Guadalajara, Puebla, Morelia, Queretaro, Durango and even Monterrey, which is a 17-hours bus ride.
Distances in Mexico are different. It was again a perfect opportunity to meet people from other places in Mexico (foreigners living in Mexico for studies or interns and mexicans). Together, we had 3 amazing days on the beach.

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